AFEQT Questionnaire Key Features

  • Validated questionnaire that was patient derived with expert clinical input
  • Easy to use format with 20 questions on a seven point Likert scale
  • Takes about five minutes to complete
  • Evaluates Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) across three domains
    • Symptoms - Four questions specifically targeted to assess AF related symptoms
    • Daily Activities - Eight questions that evaluate daily function in AF patients
    • Treatment Concerns - Six questions that assess AF treatment concerns in patients
  • Scoring key provides information on how to score the questionnaire and explains how to interpret results. The scoring key provides the following scores:
    • Overall AFEQT Score (18 questions)
    • Treatment Satisfaction Score (2 questions)
  • Reliable: Cronbach's alpha coefficients for the global and subscales scores of the AFEQT questionnaire >0.8 indicating internal consistency
  • Responsive: Moderate to large effect size observed for AFEQT scores following treatment intervention demonstrates responsiveness of AFEQT questionnaire

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AFEQT Questionnaire